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Something to Buy in Prague...

What would you suggest as a nice remembrance when we are in Prague? What is Czech Republic known for? Pottery? Linens/textiles? Wood crafts?

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I don't think I would buy it and drag it home for fear of breakage, but crystal and glass are very representative of the Czech Republic. Also, wooden objects (I remember seeing wooden toys and puppets when I went, but this was ages ago).

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In my considerable experience, glass is less likely to break than ceramics, though one would be prudent to choose something other than thin goblets and the like. It you think you might be attracted to something breakable, stuff all the empty space in your suitcase with something like bubble-wrap. On average (I haven't been to Prague recently, and have never shopped there), European merchants tend to package things less than US merchants do, whether for economy or environmental reasons, I do not know. Even something made of wood needs some protection.

Also, I've never been to a touristy area that didn't have craftspeople selling handmade jewelry. It's easy to transport and can be very inexpensive. I have several ceramic necklaces I've acquired in the 7- to 25-euro range. Silver or gold fittings are higher, of course.

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When I went to Prague there were beautiful small boxes to buy. Hand painted and you could put a ring or necklace in it. Some were inexpensive and the hand painted ones were very expensive.

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Beautiful puppets! From almost life-size down to very small. I purchased one around 12-15 inches high and enjoy looking at it every day.

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There is a store called Manufaktura that has several locations around Prague. Everything in the store is made locally and they sell bath products, home goods, accessories, etc, many of which were smaller items and easier to transport. Each location had a slightly different selection so we enjoyed stopping in several to see what we could find. A nice range of price points as well.

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Bohemian garnet. All this stuff mentioned in posts above is also available outside of Prague for lower prices (sometimes substantially).

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A golem from a vender near the old/new Synagogue.

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What would you suggest as a nice remembrance when we are in Prague?
What is Czech Republic known for?

Does it really matter what they're known for? What do you collect? What types of things would be a nice addition to your home? I suppose if your home is filled with tchotchskes, then one more from the Czech Republic would be nice to have. But I've never understood the need to spend money for objects just because you can say you bought it there. If you see something in a store and it "speaks" to you, then buy it; it doesn't matter if the Czechs are famous for making it or not.

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This is in the ---- take it for it may be worth --- During our last visit one of Steves' recommended guides lamented to us that "the Russians" (and I think she meant the Russian mob") has taken over most of the tourists trade and much of the stuff sold is imported fakes but sold as local items. No way to judge that statement so just passing it along.

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someone has mentioned Manufaktura , loads of shops about the city including the airport, some lovely stuff all made in the city, toiletries, homewear , towles etc. I have bough lots of things out of there over the years.
wooden items have also been mentioned and there are many places sell them ,I always buy a few bits and pieces at the markets .There is a market on a few days a week at Namesti Republiky and there are several stalls selling hand crafted products including pottery.
On a Saturday there is a big open air market at Naplavka (Just south of the Dancing Building) on the lower level beside the river.Lots of craft stuff there as well as locally made food stuff,beers ,wine cider etc..
there is a big Saturday market at Dejvicka but it is closed for the winter and should open up again in early March.
with easter not that far away now there will be some lovely Easter based crafts coming out including had painted eggs.

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There is a great little design shop called CVRK, which gives local artists and manufacturers a platform to market their stuff. Everything is Czech made. They have several little shops, two of which are just off Wenceslas Square. One in on Vodičkova (just opposite Kino Svetozor) and the second is in the Pasáž u Stýblů, Wenceslas Square 28.

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I always make a point to add an item (or two or three...) to my small vintage pottery collection when I travel and when I was in Prague there was an antique shop called Antik Mucha at Liliova 12 where I found 2 little 1930s Czech pottery match or toothpick holders--one shaped like a raven, another a Scottie dog--2 creatures I particularly love. Good prices, easy to get home and they make me happy whenever I see them.

If I were to look for anything else it would be something handmade locally, I saw a couple of shops featuring such things--scarves, jewelry, bags, decorative items--in areas a few blocks from the main square.

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Wonderful ideas! Thank you. I like to collect nativity scenes, hand-stitched tablecloths, and dishes. In my travels I've bought lace tablecloths in Burano, Italy, wooden Christmas decor in Germany, hand-painted eggs in Austria, pottery and glass from other parts of Italy. I'm making my list now!

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I always buy a small Christmas ornament on my travels, only if I can find one made in that country. I purchased a beautiful porcelain one in Prague that is one of the traditional Czech patterns.

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Since you mentioned nativities, one of the things we bought at Manufaktura is a wooden nativity magnet set. The pieces were flat and came on a piece of cardstock. It was very lightweight and easy to pack since it was flat. It stays on our refrigerator year-round. We bought it in 2012 so they may no longer sell them, but something to look for.

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TravelBug79 --
I also collect Christmas ornaments on my travels! I am going to Prague this summer and am wondering if you can direct me to a place that sells ornaments during the summer?
Thank you!