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Solo Travel to Prague

I am in my 60s, am female and am taking a solo trip to Europe next April. I would love to visit Prague, but don't know if it is safe to go there on my own. I am anxious to here your thoughts.

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Safe? Its not what I "think" or "feel" but statistically Prague is very safe. The worst is a reputation for pick pockets.

Its a beautiful city, or at least the part you as a tourist will see is. But you will play tourist the whole time. Imagine a 3 or 4 or 5 day visit to DisneyLand (but better).

If that sturcture work for you, go and enjoy. If you want more laid back, relaxition vs instruction, there are some better places.

But no one that went to Prague that I ever met regretted it.

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Super safe. As mentioned, however, you need to pay attention to pickpockets.

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Super safe. After dark just avoid the parks and walking under bridges on the riverside. Not because they are especially dangerous but you don't want to invite the attentions of drunk rough-sleepers etc

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I am 66 year old female solo traveler and I am in Prague right now. I feel very safe walking around and in my hotel. I walked from the train station to my hotel at 11pm down some pretty deserted streets, took me 30 minutes because I got lost, but I felt safer than I might feel in some large cities. I am finding Prague to have the most fabulous architecture and am so glad it is part of my trip!

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Praha is extremely safe in most neighborhoods.

Old town area is as safe as any city in the world.
Late at night might see some hookers and strip bar guys hanging outsider.

Been going to Praha for 25 long as you're not drunk and don;'t stop to talk to strangers you won't encounter pick pockets.

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For some reason, Prague always makes the top ten pickpocket lists. Feeling safe always adds to the enjoyment of a trip, but feelings don't always reflect reality. Good news is statistical Prague is safe. But like in any unfamiliar town, pay attention and plan your routes and use a tad more caution than you would in your own home town. I know, just common sense.

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I traveled to Prague as an older female solo traveler and had absolutely no problems there. The city is a delight with so many beautiful and interesting sights, and as long as you take normal precautions, you should be fine,

Keep in mind that most places in the US are far more dangerous than most places in Europe.