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Yes, rest in peace Nicholas and you are mourned, indeed. There are few like him in the world today.

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We saw the film "Nicky's Family" a couple years ago, just an incredible story. This man defined humble. Saved 669 kids and it is estimated that they have more than 6,000 descendants because of it.

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I read of his passing today and thought, This is the real definition of a true hero. May he rest in peace, and be an inspiration to us all.

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The most important thing that this website does is increase our understanding of our world - past , present and future . When we left Prague on a recent trip to Central Europe , we noticed a statue on the platform at the railway station . A post from my friend James ( who regularly posts in the Hungary thread ) told us who he was . That is what made me aware of who Sir Nicholas Winton was . Thank you , James !

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A wonderful article. I had tears running down my face by the time I got to the photo of Sir Nicholas Winton with the woman--one of hundreds--whom he had saved as a child. What a truly great man he was.

He didn't even tell anyone of his heroic deeds until his wife found his scrapbook. What a humble and brave man! I am stunned that I have never heard of his story before.

What a truly good and great man he was! Rest in peace, Sir Winton.

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The documentary about the Kindertransport, Nicky's Family, is available on Netflix streaming. For anyone who has a heart, this is a must-see.