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Seeing the opera at the Estates

Has anyone seen a Mozart opera here? Any tips/advice? I've never seen an opera in my life before and figured it would be a great bucket list item to add since this is where Mozart made his breakthrough. I guess my only concern is the length of the opera. 3 hours average running time, right?

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Look at the Wikipedia entries for the operas you are considering. That way, you will know the plot, which will enhance your appreciation even if you don't speak the language. My sister also found it helpful to help her choose which opera to see.

You can also try getting a copy of the CD's of the operas out of the library, so you can familiarize yourself with the music.

You shouldn't feel "obligated" to see an opera. While it's cheaper in Prague than in the US, it's not free, and your time is also worth something. If you want to do this, do it; if you're just going out of obligation, spend your time and money elsewhere.

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@Gabriel, still traveling so will be short. Have been to the Estates but saw the Ballet. For us worth the time and effort. There is an intermission if that helps. If you have a connection to Mozart or just want the experience then do it; many do. Another optikn is the Opera or Operett when you reach Budapest. What I enjoy about the Budapest performances is that there are fewer tourists and the experience is a little more relevant as a local cultural event. The absolute best seats are rarely more than USD45.