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Safest way to get from the airport to our hotel

My wife are heading to Prague on Oct 31st, we are reading Ricks Prague and Czech republic guide book and are a little worried about getting from the airport to our hotel(I think Mafia thugs was actually in the description of the airport taxis)

So we are wondering what is the safest easiest way to get from the airport to our hotel:

Hotel Galileo
Bruselska 239/3 Praha 2-Vinohrady Prague 120 00 Czech Republic

Im learning a bit of Czech as Rick says this is always a good way to say Hi to the locals but want to make our trip from the airport to the hotel in fastest and safest way possible

Thanks for all the help Im learning so much from this forum

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We had our hotel arrange a car to pick us up at the airport. I had the impression that was pretty common for them to do. They asked us to keep them up-to-date with any travel delays, and I am sure they followed our flight to see if it was late. I'd recommend checking to see if your hotel offers this too, as Hotel Unitas (where we stayed) had reputable drivers they worked with.

Enjoy Prague, I can't wait to go back! We used the small amount of czech I learned more than once, we went to parts of town where no English was spoken, and of course, even in Old Town it is always good to be polite in czech.

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If you want to avoid cabs, take the No 119 bus to Nadrazi Veleslavin. Then take the Metro A line to Museum, then the No 11 tram 2 stops to Bruselska.

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Our hotel offered a car service at a fixed price. Driver knew our flight schedule and met us on arrival. We had long luggage (210 cm long ski box) and hotel arranged for a van (at an up charged price compared to a regular car). Skis would not have fit in a usual taxi.

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If you contact "Prague Guides" they will also pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. Your going to love Prague, just got back from there 4 wks ago and had a great time. Consider taking the Grayline evening dinner cruise (dock is in front of the Intercontinental hotel), it was great seeing the Prague lights at night and the food was good. Make sure you visit the "Spanish Synagoge" it is truly amazing and then get tickets for the string quartet concert that they have there in the evenings.

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Thanks all for the great suggestions! I will contact the hotel and find out if they provide transport.

Also will look into the grey line dinner cruise it sounds amazing😀

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Our hotel had a car that came and picked us up too. If I recall correctly, it was only like $25 or $30 USD (for both of us combined).

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I was in Prague in May and I used AAA Taxi, there's a kiosk at the airport arrival hall and within 5 minutes I was on my way, no price gouging (cost what Rick's book predicted, low-end) and given a coupon for a discount for the return trip. Getting the hotel to book works fine but sometimes costs more.

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We also used the mentioned by unclegus above. We were a group of 4 couples, meeting in Prague, coming from both the rail station and the airport at different times. I prearranged transfers for all couples and it went very smoothly for everyone. Driver was on time, very polite and helpful, and delivered each to our hotel as planned. Payment can be either in advance by credit card or at time of pickup and delivery to hotel by cash or credit card. Very convenient and reliable. Just go on their website and prearrange whatever type of transport (private car or shuttle) for however many people to wherever. Then you print out a confirmation. Reasonable price also, as I recall.