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rowboat rental misinformation?

Rick's latest Prague book (2015) said rowboat rentals on the island by the national theater is 40 kc/hr. The website for the only rowboat rental on Slovansky Ostrov says it costs 200 kc/ hr today in 2016. Either it went up 500% or Rick's numbers are way off. Anybody know what gives?

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any guide book is usually at least a year out of date before it get published.i certainly would never trust prices in any guide book. I had a look at the webpage and prices do start from 200kc/per hour. I personally think that is a little expensive but 40kc certainly seems far too cheap , but I was by the area in April on a lovely day and they seemed to being doing good business and the boats do look to be pretty new so maybe they have all been upgraded of late and that has pushed prices up

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My experience of the paddleboat hire is that they don't strictly charge by the hour. The fee was the same irrespective of how long we used it, so you can exceed the hour without having to pay more. Realistically though, must people will probably spend no more than an hour or so on the river - there are only so many times that you can paddle up and down before your legs get tired. Also, when you divide 200czk by the number of people in the boat, it is rather inexpensive.