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rick's favorite pub in Prague

What is Ricks favorite pub in Prague as shown in the latest program? I have been to several but i don't recognize the pub with the castle orchestra playing.

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I cannot help you on the pub with the orchestra.

We took a Pub Crawl tour of Prague with about 15 lively people from all over the world. The tourguide carried us to a beer hall owned by Urquell, and it went a full city block in length. We wish we'd have taken the tour the first night we were there to find the really hot places to visit.

Urquell delivers beer in a tractor trailer truck direct from the brewery and pumps it into large copper storage casks--something like 6000 gallons at a time. With that kind of beer volume sold, the place was quite lively. And the quality of the beer is world class.

We found Prague to be a medium expensive city--except for beer. We were buying beer for as little as $1.05 per glass.

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There's a good chance that Rick took the creative license of having the PCO join him in a pub that was handy, more than his favorite. Two possible candidates that he recommends in the Castle Quarter are the Klasterni Pivovar (Monastery Brewery) andHostinec u Cerneho Vola (By the Black Ox).

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OK, nobody got it yet. The pub name is U hrocha (At the Hippopotamus), the street where you find it is Thunovska Street and it is very close to Malostranske namesti where you can get by street car (tramvaj) 22. Or get off Metro at Malostranska and walk a little bit. IMHO the pub serves the best Pilsner Urquell in Prague (that's why the musicians were there). They serve only cold food and excellent beer (as I already said). One would think that Pilsner Urquell should taste in every pub the same but for some reason that's not so. The pub is favorite drinking place for senators and professional musicians (and for me when I am in Prague).