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RFID Wallet/Card Holder?

We will be in Prague in October, and after looking at travel accessories, I keep noticing RFID wallets/card holders. Are these really necessary? I have never used them before, but want to get it if it's recommended?


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but want to get it if it's recommended?

Not recommended.

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RFID is a contact-less method of payment. A tap and go credit card is an example. A transit card that you swoosh over a reader is another. Do you even have an RFID card?

Also know that RFID cards have built-in securities, otherwise theft and fraud would be rampant. Or you'd be paying for someone else's coffee every morning just by being in line behind someone.

It is technically possible to steal information but extremely difficult and requires special equipment and a very organized crime system.

So bottom line, buying something for the RFID security is wasting money for no value.

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Strictly marketing to sell a product to solve a problem that doesn't exist. Save your money. And if really concerned, wrap your cc in AL foil.

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LOL Frank. I admonished my husband on our last trip when he pulled out his credit card wrapped in foil. Now after all that you read and buying special sleeve envelopes for passport & credit cards he still uses foil.

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The last information I found about RFID cards is that they are about only 3% of all credit cards. And as others have said, unless you have that touch/contact type of card, you don't need any protection for your card. Even if you do have one of those RFID contact cards, it's extremely hard to pirate your card without that direct contact. Of course, anything is possible, but then, you aren't responsible for any fraudulent charges after $50, if any at all. Yes, credit card protectors are a solution seeking a problem that doesn't exist. On the other hand, wearing tin hats might be a good idea. If they can't steal your card info, maybe they can steal your thoughts or insert their commands into your head.

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Canadians, especially the younger ones, are adapting to NFC "tap and pay" cards. The NFC tap transactions execute faster than chip cards. The Canadian Bankers Association believe the NFC cards to have equivalent security to chip and pin:

Your card never leaves your hand and each transaction has a unique,
encrypted code that changes every time the card is used.

There have been news reports about “electronic pick-pocketing”, where
a criminal with a card reader or smartphone can read the information
on these cards and commit fraud. It’s important to know that tap to
pay cards are embedded with multiple layers of security to protect
you, so the chances of you becoming the victim of this type of fraud
are extremely unlikely.

A RFID sleeve does little to protect your card when your American waiter takes your card into some back room. As the CBA notes, the tap cards do not leave your hand.