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restaurants for those that might like a little adventure.

I am often asked for advice on restaurants in the city and to be honest I am seldom in the city center for meals so thought I would let you know about 2 new places I visited on my last trip and one that I have been to several times but also visited last week.
at the very end of the 20 and 26 tram route at Divoka Sarka (119 bus also stops there) there is an entrance on the main road right opposite the tram terminus.lovely courtyard eating area and a very pleasant indoor space,food from the open grill was superb though I did think the ribs were a bit over cooked,service is fantastic and friendly the waiter even remembering our drinks order from our visit several days before.Good range of Czech Classics and stuff fresh off the grill,tankova Staropramen beer.Prices are very reasonable................ well no there are actually pretty cheap.
bit more of an adventure, bus from Borislavka metro takes about 5 minutes and stops right outside.This is a Kozolvna pub and does tank Kozel beer,great range of Czech classics cooked beautifully and served with a smile,nice covered outdoor area,and a really lovely indoor space,some of the nicest toilets in any pub in Prague, very reasonable prices.
much more of an adventure , bus 355 from Dejvicka,but when we went there were road works for a new sewage system and we had to change to an alternative diverted bus to the village,not a problem,get off one bus and straight on to another.
I have been to this place several times since it first opened about 10 years ago and the courtyard area has been vastly upgraded to a really nice outdoor eating and drinking area.We ate from the limited Lunchtime menu that was really good and I had roast boar with cranberries and bacon dumplings,they make their own beer which in my opinion is the best Pilsner style beer outside of Plzen.
Hope this gives you some alternatives to the many places in the city center,all these places have English speaking staff and menus in various languages though you may have to ask for one but not a problem.

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Thanks Unclegus, noted for my upcoming trip in October.

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JC when in October are you there,I am back in Prague 1st-8th October,taking my BIL for his first ever trip to the city

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We'll be there midday on the 6th and leaving the evening of the 8th!

It's not long but it's something that evolved from a group of mates putting away £20 a month and blowing it all on an amazing meal a year later (including hotel obviously!) to realising that we could go away for a long weekend for the money saved, eat well and fund a whole weekend of food, drink and exploration and cover the cost of flights and hotel.

Last year we flew to Warsaw, stayed in The Westin and discovered some fantastic food, drank considerable amounts of beer and even found some time for exploring the sights and a few museums and all done with the funds we had saved. The year before was spent in Sofia, I'll never forget the pub that brewed its own beer and made it available on tap at every table!

Looking forward to some fantastic Czech food and beer!

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I am so happy to see this post! Its getting me excited for my upcoming trip - first time to Prague!