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We plan to rent a car at the airport in Dresden and drive to Jablonec nad Nisou. Has anyone done this? We are wondering if there might be a problem crossing border from Germany in Czec Republic in rental car and then returning a few days later to Germany.

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It is an open border, there should be no problem. You might double check with your specific rental car company in case they have some strange insurance problems.

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You need to check to make sure you can drive your rental into the Czech Republic. Some companies exclude Eastern European countries and that can nullify your insurance. I use Autoeurope (I am a big fan of them!) and list all the countries I plan on visiting. In 2016, they booked me with a company that allowed me to drive in Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. My rental agreement clearly showed I would be driving in those countries. Be aware that some companies charge an extra fee for crossing a border. Gemut is good at booking as well. (Dont have the number with me). I like to use them when I have unusual needs (second driver, etc). They book all countries but are German experts. They have always booked me through Autoeurope, but can help sort out the issues. Google Gemut and you will find them.

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Hello from Wisconsin,

I second the recommendation of Autoeurope as a car rental consolidator. They offer great service. Next up is Europcar (often the rental with the lowest cost found by Autoeurope). In Eastern Europe I have at times gone to the Europcar office if I need non-car help as the people behind the counter speak English and know the area. Even when I don't have a rental from them. They are knowledgeable. I make sure they have no customers waiting for service.

When you book make sure you list the countries you are planning on visiting. Your reservation paper that is in your hands well before you leave should LIST those countries. I once rented a car in Germany for use in Eastern Europe and the person behind the counter said I couldn't go there with the car. I showed them the reservation papers and they said, "OK".

Also, if you use your credit card's offer of rental insurance, which can be worth $20 to $30 / day, make sure you have a copy of the countries where they will insure you from their insurer (probably Chub) .

Driving in rural Czech Republic is a pleasure. Nicely maintained road surfaces, beautiful scenery. Excellent drivers. Use your blinker when turning, they do.

wayne iNWI

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Whether or not you can take a car into another country is totally up to the car rental company. They are the ones you should ask.