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Rental car from Vienna to Cesky Krumlov to Prague?

I rented a car this August for the leg of our trip between Vienna (4 days) and Prague (4days) with a two night stay in Cesky Krumlov. This ridiculously expensive option will give us (family of four), options to visit along the way. Potential plan was to drive Vienna to Hallstatt which is a three hour drive per google maps with a late arrival in Krumlov, another three hours. Have the subsequent day in Krumlov leaving the following day for Prague via Telc and or Konopiste.
Is Hallstatt worth the detour? What about Telc? We already planned a day trip to Melk and the Wachau valley from Vienna. Thoughts?

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For me personally Hallstatt would be worth the detour. Telc is not on your way to Prague. Konopiste is. Having two nights in C.K. and having a car you can do some trip around. Ceske Budejovice, if you are into beer do the tour of the original Budweiser brewery there. Ceske Budejovice in German is Budweis. Very close to Ceske Budejovice is the chateau Hluboka. And also nearby is a typical south-bohemian village Holasovice. It is on UNESCO Heritage list.

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I second Ilja's advice. Halstatt is worth it, and I also enjoyed adding both Ceske Budejovice and Konopiste to my last CK trip.

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Hallstadt looks great from the lake, but less so if you arrive by car. And it's quite a detour.
You could also choose a more direct route and mostly follow the Donau, which means you drive through the Wachau valley. Sights along the way are, for instance, Rappottenstein castle, one of Austrias best and most authentic castles, Göttweig, Altenburg and Melk abbey, Grafenegg, a 19th century fairytale castle, Rosenburg and Schallaburg, two big Renaissance castles, beautiful towns like Dürnstein, Freistadt (with the famous Kefermarkt atlarpiece nearby) or Eggenburg, and the pilgrimage church Maria Taferl.
Drive less and see more.

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Why not take the train from Vienna to Hallstatt (not that hard; Then take the Bean Shuttle to CK and then shuttle again from CK to Prague ( Cheaper and less stressful. I would spend the night in both Hallstatt and CK.