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RegioJet from Prague to Krakow - only 5 1/2 hours?

I am wondering about taking RegioJet from Prague to Krakow. It seems to go fairly fast. Has anyone done this and how was the experience?

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You can do the trip by train in 6 and a half hours.
The airlines take an hour and 10 minutes--Austrian, Lufthansa and Lot. And it's not that expensive.

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We took the Regio Jet from Prague to Chesky Krumlov and it was a pleasant surprise. The seats were comfortable, they served coffee, and there were airline quality entertainment consoles on each seat. We had pleasant views and a wonderful ride. did not have to do the airport shuffle. Yes the plane may only take an hour but what about the hour to get to the airport, go through security, wait for the plane to take off and go through the same when you land.. We were so impressed with Regio that in the future we would not hesitate to travel long distances between major cities on regio.

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Yellow buses of RegioJet company used to be called Student Agency. Now they are slowly changing the name into RegioJet. It is one company - their trains are RegioJets, their buses Student Agency, now both are RegioJets. Talking about RegioJet it's always good to mention if you mean bus or train.

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Great information about the RegioJet. I am planning to go from Prague to Krakow as well. Here are my questions;
1. Anyone knows a good website for this company? I like to search for time and price.
2. Did anyone take the over-night train with this company? How is it? If they do run over night.
3. Do I need to buy ticket in advance? Can I buy it at the train station? I am going to take the train towards end of August.
Thanks in advance

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4637 posts is a website for Leo Express which is a different company than Regiojet. You can buy ticket for Regiojet in advance. First: they are cheaper. Second: they could be sold out. That is not the case with CD (Ceske drahy). Most trains never sell out. In the worst case scenario if you did not reserve seat (for a fee) you will not be sitting but standing. In this case I recommend - go to the restaurant car and you will sit for the price of meal and coffee skilfully timed to last all your journey. You can buy Regiojet tickets at the big stations at their own ticket window. Smaller stations usually don't have their own ticket windows. If you have smart phone you can buy it on internet.

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I took the RJ bus from Krakow to Brno. It was very clean and comfy. I don't know their trains, but I like their flexible cancellation policy. Their website is also very easy to use.