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Recommended neighborhoods for exploring Prague

First time visitors to Prague and traveling with daughters (19 & 22) at end of May. Aside from the 'must-see' sites, wondering if any of you have recommendations for the local neighborhoods in the city that are interesting to just wander, poke around and explore? Or specific cafes worth a stop to people watch and just relax awhile. We'll be staying at a VRBO near the Charles Bridge if that helps with ideas.
thanks in advance!

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tis is a list of 5 walks in Prague that will take you into various neighborhoods you can do all the walk or just bits of them.Prgaue has a superb public transport system so just get a 24hr ticket and use it.
I have visited some of these areas with a friend who lives in Prague,very interesting and there is always a place to stop for a refreshment..
you could always play a game I invented several years ago called Tram Dice.
get to the nearest tram stop,roll 2 dice, odds you go one direction ,evens the other, you must take the first tram that comes. Once on the tram roll the dice and go that number of stops or to the last stop if that comes first.get off the tram and have a wander,in my main version you must find a pub and have a beer but you don't need to do that.once happy seeing that area just start again.when you are ready to head home you will be near a tram stop that will get you back to somewhere near where you started.
110kc 24 hour ticket (about $5) will cover you.

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BTW Prague is one of the safest cities to ever visit, worry not a bit about going into the various areas.

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Tram dice - brilliant! We should lobby to make it an Olympic sport.


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I should copyright it . but great way of getting to know the city.

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Bear in mind that the trams all radiate into the city centre, so I usually recommend walking the transverse Holešovice to Vršovice route. It's a great walk, where you walk through the near suburbs, effectively parallel to the city centre. It takes in Karlín, Žižkov and Vinohrady - the areas where the factories were, the factory workers lived, and the factory owners lived, respectively. Also, it includes a nice little ferry ride, between Holešovice and Karlín, which is good fun - and it's included in the 24 hours transport ticket.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Let me recommend, Prague Walks, by Ivana Edwards. About $5 on ebay. Very different approach to the neighborhoods. Maybe has 6 walks, one in each neighborhood.
Wayne iNWI

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Thanks everyone - appreciate all the ideas. We're really looking forward to exploring off the beaten path a bit.


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My wife and I only spent a short time in the Litttle Quarter after the shops were closed but thought it was nice.
Also after castle hill walk down the hill through the castle complex and keep going back down the hill into town. The train leads past grape vines on the hill side, foot traffic only, and it was a nice walk.

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After 9 days in Prague (without ever setting foot in a museum), I have yet to find a street in Old Town, Mama Strana, New Town, and the Jewish Quarter that isn't worth walking, and the neiborhoods around Namesti Miru show promise..

The essential walk is the river bank around the Charles Bridge after dark.

As someone said, this is remarkable safe city with one excception-- pickpockets and purse snatchers. Ladies, if you ever let go of your purse, you will never see it again. and its best to carry it over your shoulder with a metal chain for a strap.