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Recommendations for where to stop between Prague & Krakow?

I have 48 hours to get myself to Krakow from Prague and am planning to travel by train. Looking for recommendations for where I might stop along the way, or where it's worth a detour for a one night stay. Traveling on my own, hoping for a village or town that's interesting or scenic or even just a relaxing place to explore and hang out in before jumping into the next leg of my trip (a bike tour in Poland!).

thanks in advance.

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Hello, I'm not sure about your specific route, but between Krakow and Prague there are quite a few interesting/scenic towns and villages:

In Poland:
Kłodzko - a sort of “Little Prague”, definitely the architecture of the town reflected that. By far the most interesting site in the town is the old Prussian Fortress that dominates the center of the town. It was apparently one of the largest star fortifications in the Prussian Empire and is in remarkably well preserved.

Polanica - old German spa town located in the Sudeten mountain range. Really relaxing place with restorative mineral waters, I had the best pierogi I've ever had in Poland at Villa Polanica.

Ustroń - larger spa town, quite popular with local Poles. Nestled in the mountains where Slovakia, Czechia, and Poland meet. The President of Poland has his Presidential Castle nearby, that he uses for winter/summer retreats, it's possible to visit the castle when he's not in.

Wisła - mountain resort town, the smaller sister to Ustroń. They have great hikes here that run all the way to Slovakia and Czechia.

Pszczyna - old baroque town, former capital of the Duchy of Pless. It's dominated by a large Baroque style chateau, which used to be owned by the von Pless family. The interior is very well preserved and many of the original furnishings are all still there. It is also historically important as this is the place where Kaiser Wilhelm II had his HQ for the eastern front during WW1.

In Czechia:

Štramberk - quaint medieval hill town, with a small castle at the top, very relaxing. located in Moravia, close to the Polish border. Close by is a cave with Neanderthal remains.

Hope these give a few ideas :)

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How about Brno? It's the second biggest city in Czechia, but has a small city feel. If you are a fan of third wave coffee, then this is the "it" city.

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All the suggestion above are good but unfortunately none of them is on your way if you go by train. Therefore I suggest Olomouc. Historical, pretty, almost like little Prague without tourists and it is one of train stops on your way from Prague to Krakow.

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Thank you all for the suggestions! Exactly the kind of info I was hoping to get from the community.