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Quick Train Interpretation Please

Hi fellow travelers!

I'm planning a trip to Kutna Hora from Prague and we are pretty adept at public transportation so I'm working the regional train timetables.

Originally, when I saw this phrase on a bus line (na znameni) I figured it means we have to pull the cord to notify the driver to please stop. So, when I saw this phrase on the Ceske Drahy railplanner (vlak neceka na zadne pripoje) for the regional train, I figured it meant roughly the same thing and we would need to reserve a seat on the app if we wanted the train to pick us up. (We've had to do this in Germany before.)

However, now I see the same phrase (vlak neceka na zadne pripoje) under the stop at Praha hl.n.. Being that it's the main train station, I don't imagine this is the type of stop a train would just pass through.

I must be interpreting it incorrectly.
Does this literally mean that there isn't time for the train to attach more wagons? What does this mean?

Thank you for your help making us nimble and savvy travelers!

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The first phrase translates to “on request”. The second translates to the “train is not waiting for rear connections” so, just as you thought. You have to request a stop and the train won’t be picking up any extra cars.
We went to kutna hora and toured the silver mine there. If you aren’t claustrophobic it is an interesting tour. We also saw the bone church. Very interesting. My BIL wouldn’t go in, creeped him out.

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Thank you Barbara.

I used Google Translate and got the same results.

I just needed some reassurance that the train would stop, it's just not waiting for connections. :)

I'm excited for both the bone church and the silver mine tour. (Although my husband is a very big man and I'm afraid he literally won't fit as we've had that happen in Mammoth Cave.) This is a revived attempt at a trans-Europe trip that was planned for 2020. I bought the last tickets to the Reichstag Dom on March 10th, 2020...and then the world blew apart. Fingers crossed for this year!

Thank you again,


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My BIL was with us and he is a big guy too. If they don’t think you will ‘fit’ they will tell you when you are putting on the overclothes. At one point he did have to go sideways, but he made it through. Fingers are crossed for you.