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Question on Senior Discount card for train/bus

We are taking a trip in September to Prague and want to travel to Cesky Krumlov and Salzburg. I see there is a discount card for seniors, we are in our 70's. I can't seem to find any information if it costs and how you get it. Does anyone know how to get the discount or should I just put in we are over 65.
Thank you

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In a lot of places in the EU, senior discounts are offered for EU residents only. Tourists pay full freight. This may be an exception, but we had little success in Greece or Hungary. Romania was a little less strict.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
We were in Czechia last fall and made a loop on the trains: Praha-Brno-Olomouc-Praha. It was under $40 per person. Praha to Brno might have been $7. For those prices I didn't work too hard finding out how to get a discount. It seemed to me I found two answers, you must be an EU resident, and the other one that suggested your social security card or other government ID should work. But keep in mind, not all train personnel speak or read English.

Czechia is not a wealthy nation and so many things are so inexpensive, a hotel apartment for $52 night for instance. I don't mind paying the 'full fare' of $7. I book early, so you know I don't want to over pay, but I do want to support their mass transit.

As with most all train tickets, book early. And an easy way to book Cz tickets is Or I think would work. is the Czech national website for their train system. And loco2 is a British website that deals in train tickets at no mark-up.

I would put in 'over 65' and see what happens. But book early. and become familiar with the web site. You can book a ticket and for no extra fee a specific wagon and seat. That way, you know way in advance which wagon to look for and then that a seat will be available in that car.

You might also familiarize yourself with the Czech word for platform, train, wagon, seat, hello (dobre den sounds like dobray den, on a keyboard it is C-E-C) and the please/thank you word (prosime: sounds like pro seem). I use 3x5 cards for important words. One card for train words another for plane words. Blank cards so I can write down the name for a taxi ride destination. I guess a modern person would put their faith into a battery operated phone's memory.

wayne iNWI

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if you are using the local Prague transport as you are over 70 all you need to do is show your passport if asked for a ticket, you need do nothing else, you don't actually need a card. As to discounts using to travel outside of the city I would just put in you are over 65,i have no idea if you will get any discount.

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I answered this on another thread. Here's what I wrote as applies to Rail Travel:
Regarding the "senior" question. The Czech site has the phrase "Slevy platí i pro občany Slovenska a dalších zemí EU". So this is saying to Czechs that also people that live in Slovakia or any other EU country can also get the discount. I'd read that as being an EU-only discount.
The Student Agency Bus company (Regiojet) has over 65s getting a 75% discount. and does not specify if its EU only so this looks like a general discount.