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Question about train and hotel


Traveling from Prague to Salzburg via train. Assuming that I have 3 bags, I may not able to keep all in 1st class compartment and would keep in luggage area. Is that area always visible from our seat, or I need to lock them with some handle with help of some chain ? Or may be I am just overthinking.

Another question is, will I require AC room on/around September 3 in Praugue ? I am looking at Airbnb and most of them do not have, so I am thinking, if I should consider this.


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“Luggage area” is in the same car with you, wither above your seat or on a rack or open space at the end of the car.

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Because these are three full bags, I doubt if these can fit in are above seat and I may have to open space at the end of the car. That's what I was trying to know, if I will have visibility from my seat or it is ok to leave them there without being cautious ?

I was looking at first class seats and it looks like, there are partitions, which can block view ?

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All luggage storage is in the same coach (vehicle) as you are travelling in, there is no separate luggage coach.
3 bags for one person would be very difficult to handle, as you have to carry them from the street, through the station, onto the train and store them in the train yourself, there is nobody to help.
All coaches have overhead racks, and spaces between seat backs. Some coaches also have floor to ceiling racks at one end (click for photo), which may or may not be visible depending on where your seat is. Locking your bags to the rack can annoy other passengers if they want to get off at a station before yours and can't get their bags out.

It is the same for 1st and 2nd class, just in 1st class there are slightly fewer people in each coach.

Are you sure your coach has compartments? Most are open plan. There is info and photos about Prague to Salzburg trains here:
The trains in the photos show compartments between Prague and Linz, but open plan (2+1 seating) between Linz and Salzburg.

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What route are you taking? If the fastest way, via Linz, EX 1543, the Jizni Express, the 2nd class coaches have space for bicycles and over sized luggage which can be reserved.

Hotel Falkensteiner Maria has AC and just about 150 meters from Prague main station.

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We are 3 people, so should be able to manage it.
I was looking at "Plush 1st class compartments with power sockets..." (8th picture), which was giving me impression that it is partitioned.

Sam, I am taking same route via Linz, as you suggested. I am looking for cheaper than Hotel Falkensteiner Maria. I can see Airbnb as well as apartments, but not sure, if I should look 'only' for AC room.

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Are you sure your coach has compartments?

According to EX 1543 carries one 1st class car that has compartments. And it should be not a problem to store three suitcases in the overhead racks.

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Just for the weather part, the historical average for September is @21 degrees Celsius during the day and 11 degrees at night. Even if the day temperature goes higher i.e. mid 20s I think the night temperature does not require A/C.