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question about switching trains in Breclav

I'm trying to book a train from Prague to Vienna. I can either book one with no stops, which takes 4h 22m, or I can book one that stops in Breclav and takes 3h 59m. There's only 3 minutes between arrival and departure to switch trains.

Anyone with any advice or info on Breclav station? Is it safer to just book the one with no stops? It's more expensive but not by a lot. Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean no stops, or no changes of train? Two very different things. A train from Prague to Vienna is likely to have many stops.
3 minutes between arrival and departure is normal for a stop, where you stay on the same train.

There are plenty of direct trains from Prague to Vienna (same train all the way, many stops).
For example, the 08:47 from Prague to Vienna takes 4h22 and makes the following stops, but it is the same train all the way:

Train RJ75
Praha hl.n. dep 08:47
Pardubice hl.n. arr 09:41 dep 09:43
Ceska Trebova arr 10:17 dep 10:18
Brno-Zidenice arr 11:16 dep 11:16
Brno dolni nadrazi arr 11:22 dep 11:24
Breclav arr 11:52 dep 11:55
Wien Hbf arr 13:09

For info on this route, read here:

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I meant changes, not stops--sorry. I just wasn't sure if it was worth saving a bit of money and time to switch trains with only 3 minutes. Direct seems like the better option, probably.....

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Why take a chance on a short change of 3 minutes? You are only talking 22 extra minutes. Is it worth the gamble of missing your connection by hoping that your arrival time is perfect? Trains do run late sometimes. I would spend the extra 22 minutes on the no change train.

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Three minutes is not enough to change trains. Ten to 15 or longer is more normal. Three minutes is just a stop long enough for getting on and off.

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As others have said, I wouldn't take a chance on a 3 minute connection. In September 2018 I had to change trains in Breclav and I'm glad I had more time than that. The station was under construction at the time, so if that's completed now it might make the change easier, but I wouldn't risk it. I hate to be rushed in an unfamiliar station, especially when I don't speak the local language and it might take me longer to figure out where I'm going. I think the direct train is the way to go.

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10 to 15 minutes between train changes could require to move quickly (i.e. "hump it") depending on which track / platform the next train is departing from. I would definitely book on the no change train.

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Go direct. Why would you be changing trains in Breclav when you don't have to.