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Prague- want to avoid tourist trap type restaurants- looking for good Czech food in Prague

I will be visiting Prague in a couple of weeks for 10 days. I am interested in finding a few good restaurants that severe Czech food but are not geared for the tourist- dont want any tourist trap establishments.
Can someone recommend a few good ones. thanks

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There are many. I obviously haven't been to most of them. But generally: they are in neighborhoods where they cannot rely on tourists who come and go but they rely on regulars which is a powerful incentive. I had good Czech food in Pod Marianskym obrazem. It's close to Zizkov TV tower. And also U Palivce in Zizkov. Surprisingly good was U Parlamentu which is actually not far from Old Town Square. Very good food and beer but don't order slivovice (plum brandy). That was miserable. The best expert on this forum about Prague's restaurants, beer etc. is Unclegus. I am sure he will answer your question with many more details.

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I am actualy in Prague atvthe moment and just heading out to meet Jason another regular on this forum ( we go way back). Let us know were you are staying. And we might be able to suggest a few places,or lok at some of my many previous postscto get some ideas. Sorry crap internet here and time to answer in depth.
Slivovice is wonderful stuff and try Becherovka,an aquired taste which i have aquired.

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I agree, Unclegus, that slivovice or slivovica (as they say in Moravia) is wonderful stuff. When I lived there I drank my share. Just don't order it in U Parlamentu. I would not dare to offer something like that to my friends and probably not even to my enemies. Becherovka is a medicine for digestive tract. Slivovica too. By the way, how hot is in Prague? I heard that it is terrible. I think there will be record in consumption of beer.

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I'd take a 20 minute walk or three tram stops from Republic Square to Karlinske Namesti in Prague 8 (tram 3, 8 or 24). One of the local haunts in the area is U Mrtvyho Ptaka in Krizikova but also look out for the Charleston in the same road (same group). Or Bistro Nejen on the corner opposite the church. Or there's Lokal Hamburk on the tram side of the square (message me if you want to know how to buy a homeless person a lunch). English spoken in all these places.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Hop tram 26 headed north. Cross the Vlatava and get off at Namesti Letenski (about the fourth stop after the river crossing). There are several real good restaurants in that Prague 7, Letna area. The Farm, two Italian places: Peperoncino, and Ristoranrino da Matteo, Bistro Milada (a truly top place in Prague).

Now these aren't necessarily Czech cuisine. For that I would go near the train station and look for Ferdinanda, or Bredovsky Dvur. Both do Czech food well and a reasonable prices.

wayne iNWI