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Prague Train station Safety late arrival

Arriving 2100 on a train
safety ok

and easy to get a taxi to hotel?


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This is a few years back. In 2016 I was at Praha hl n (central station) early evening returning to Vienna from a day trip in Prague, was pleasantly surprised at its lay-out and what it offered. The station is large, modern with all the tech evidence, has numerous shops, eateries, announcements are made in English, Czech, and German, I likened that to the French version of Paris Gare de l'Est with its announcements in French, English and German). Bottom line, a nice station. Yes, a safe station.

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When there on my first visit more than 10 years back, Prague’s main train station was old, seedy and had a lot of sketchy characters milling around.
On my last visit it was a completely different experience with a fully modernized station built next to the old station. The station is clean as a whistle and the creepy characters are gone, seemingly replaced by the sparkling shopping arcade in the station now.
Prague’s train station gets a gold medal.
That said, Uber is available in Prague and has high ratings compared with stories of travelers being overcharged by taxi services. You can use the Uber App in Prague just as you would in the U.S, or download it before leaving on your trip.

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So yes, as Kenko said above, we have Uber. Alternatively if you exit the station via the park then walk to the road and you have hotels at both ends of the block (Falkensteiner at one end and EXE City at the other). Just go into either and ask reception to call you a taxi. It will cost a couple of bucks more but it will be reputable. Don't get in the taxis parked in the station vicinity. Courtyard Marriott (Flora) is a 5 minute trip, expect to pay @CZK200.

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We just used Uber last week. The pick up area near track 1B was easy to find and the ride was very inexpensive. We did this about 17:30 so doesn't address your time concerns but everything looked fine to us.