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Prague to Vienna via Cesky or not?

Don't have time to overnight in Cesky. Am in prague for 3 full days and then on to Vienna.
Is it worth trying to do this and how would it best be done via public transport?

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It's not worth that much travel time if you can't stay overnight. A train from Prague to Vienna takes 4 hours direct, no connections. From Prague to CK by direct bus takes 3.5 hours. From CK to Linz by shuttle van takes 1.25 hours (only a few departures per day, e.g., and train from Linz to Vienna takes about 1.5 hours.

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It is not possible to answer the "worth" question without knowing how many medieval cities you have already been to. CK is relatively hard to get to, but it was a high-priority visit for me - not necessarily for everyone. Rick, among others, mentions car services that provide one-way trips like yours for a substantial if not unreasonable price, if there's more than one person in the party. For one, it's a luxury price. We took a one-day car-and-driver trip from Prague to make the most of the day in CK. We were very happy with the visit.

Other people say that CK is 200 restaurants and 2000 hotel rooms. Take your pick. There are lots of things to see in Czech Rep. besides Prague, which is a great city.

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Cesky K. is easy to get to with a van company like Bean Shuttle. Not too expensive either. Then Bean goes on to Vienna. I think spending the night is preferable but even if you cant spend the night, if you haven't see a place like this before it is well worth the effort.