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prague to vienna by train than vienna to budapest by train in april 2020 and KLM question

I am trying to figure out what trains to use to go from Prague to Vienna than Vienna to Budapest. It looks like rail jet is best choice in business class. I want to buy tickets in advance and want a reserved seat - that is what I am having a problem figuring out - how do get a reserved seat. Its just two people my husband and myself. Is Rail jet best or would you recommend another. I have never done trains and websites not very helpful for booking.

Any train advice?

Also was planning on taking KLM from Budapest to Amsterdam in April - has anyone flown KLM - they are partner with Delta. Have you had good trips with KLM?

Thanks for any help/advice!

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I've flown KLM a number of times between Amsterdam and various European destinations. Have always had great service! They have a strong presence at AMS. My experience has been that there are always staff members to guide passengers towards the correct gates and help one get to the "quick" line for Passport Control if there is a short time between connections. They are also resourceful at solving problems that may arise.

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Railjet is not a train company. It is a type of train.

For Prague to Vienna, please read these instructions -

For VIENNA to Budapest, please read these instructions -

Do not use RailEurope.

KLM is an excellent airline and the official airline of the Netherlands. Much better than Delta.

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Just took a EuroCity (EC) from Vienna to Budapest in early January -- second class Sparscheine tickets at €19 each, bought online from ÖBB with seat reservations added later also on ÖBB. Perfectly adequate. Note that, as with many/ most trains the overhead storage works for carry-on size luggage; other larger bags will be placed in open luggage racks at the end of the car or in mid-car racks.

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Just took the train from Prague to Vienna in December. It was just shy of 4 hours long and a beautiful and comfortable trip.

I pre-puchased my ticket and reserved a seat using OBB.

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I have used the ( national railways) website to book trains leaving from Prague several times. If you book with them then the seat reservation is free but there is an extra step to book a specific seat but it’s all explained well on their website. For trains between Budapest and Vienna there is an extra charge for the seat reservation but the trains can get crowded and we find it worth the extra to know we will be sitting together and which car to get onto.

I agree with the others, do not book through RailEurope as it is much more expensive than booking direct. If you book 3-4 months in advance there are often significant discounts.

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tdw for you to be consistent it's called keleti pályaudvar and Magyar.

2nd class is not much different than first and it's always good practice to purchase your tickets from the rail company in the country you are leaving from, and dont worry about train names like RailJet, buy the ticket that works best for you. RailJet is not always the fastest.

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And I have taken that KLM flight several times. They are a good airline; no better, no worse than Delta or maybe I should say Air France since it's the same owners.

Airport Hint: Their ticket counter number will be at the far right end of the counter. So wait at that end until the counter numbers are posted.