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Prague to Salzburg via train or bus?

We were thinking a simple train ride from Prague via Linz to Salzburg would be a great plan but we are reading terrible reviews of the Czech rail system (ie: construction disruptions, overcrowding, delays) which has us considering bus options. Would a bus from Prague to Linz and then train from Linz to Salzburg be the best option as far as timing, cost, and convenience go?

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I think the train from Prague to Linz would be reserved, so no worries about overcrowding.

Where have you heard about construction disruptions and delays? I'd think that would depend on which route you are taking. And unless they were recent anecdotes, they may not be relevant anymore.

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This is 20 years old, so definitely not recent and probably not relevant, but back in 1999 we were going the opposite direction. We boarded a train in Ybbs, Austria and sped towards the Czech border. At the border, the Austrian engine was detached from the train with a lot of lurching and clanking, and a Czech engine was attached, with more clanking and lurching. We started moving forward again, at an extremely slower pace. I imagine the Czech trains (and probably the Austrian ones, too) are much more modern, powerful, energy efficient, and faster now than in the previous century, construction and rail updates notwithstanding. We stopped for a night in Czesky Krumlov (also really different these days, I understand), then back on the train, with a transfer in Czesky Budjovice, and finally reached Prague. Maybe buses are a great alternative, but the trains were memorable!

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Trains in this region don't require reservations, so as many people can board as wish to do so. Some construction delays are forewarned in online train schedules (DB, OEBB, or or at least in the station if you're buying on short notice. Buses should also be reliable if you decide you prefer their schedule or price (check Flixbus or