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Prague to Salzburg shuttle with stop in Cesky Krumlov

My family of three is considering taking the shuttle to Cesky Krumlov from Prague early in day- and then take the shuttle on to Salzburg-later that day; is this permitted/doable with luggage?(3 carry-ons) Where would we leave the luggage? We have 4 nights in Prague and were going to do CK as a day trip until I realized we could consider this on last day as part of travel. An overnight in Cesky Krumlov would be great, but reservations almost confirmed-but we will consider if you experts chime in. Thanks!

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There are several shuttle companies, so in your situation, I'd contact them directly and ask. I assume (but don't know for sure) that if you are using the same company from Prague to Cesky Krumlov and then from Cesky Krumlov to Salzburg, all on the same day, that they'd find a place to hold your bags for a few hours.

I was trying to find the companies that do this transfer, and found an incredibly (one might say obsessively) detailed posting on the subject of getting between Prague and Cesky Krumlov. If you follow this link and scroll down to "10. Shuttle Vans" (close to the bottom) you'll see the companies:

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I would rather live in Prague for 3 nights and live a night in česky krumlov, but that depends on you because in my opinion 3 nights for Prague is enough.On the 5 day, you can return to Prague and then take the train to Salzburg. I would suggest that you use the trains because they are much more comfortable and you don't need to pay for them if you have a Eurail pass. Have a great journey!