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Prague to Munich via Train

We are planning travel in July via rail and wondering if anyone has experience with the express train. Look to be about a 5 hour train. Our experience is with Virgin trains in England which were very nice.

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There is no real "express train" directly between Munich and Prague (although the regional trains, ALX and EX, do have express in their name). There are direct regional trains every two hours from the Prague hl.n. to Munich Hbf via Pilsen. These are pretty nice trains, but they make a lot of stops.

There are also non-stop IC buses from the bus station attached to Prague hl.n. to the ZOB (bus station) at Munich Hackerbrücke S-Bahn station). They make the trip in about an hour less because they don't stop on the way.

If you advance book a Sparpreis ticket (not a Super Sparpreis ticket) for the bus, you will also get a city ticket, which will give you unlimited use of the conveyances of the MVV after you get to the ZOB, so you can take the S-Bahn from Hackerbrücke station to the Hbf instead of walking about ½ mile. And the city ticket will get you to anywhere else in Munich you need to go.

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experience with the express train

That's not an express train in the proper sense, but a combination of two trains, one of the Czech State Railway and one of the (Bavarian) Laenderbahn. The coaches are refurbished Eurofima coaches with air conditioning. There is no dining car, only a so-called "Snack Point". I have used it several times and found it more comfortable than the bus, which is, however, 30 to 60 minutes faster.

Buy your ticket at the E-shop of czech rail, they have the best prices (starting from ca. €14.50).