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Prague to Munich on a Sunday

Any recommendations on traveling from Prague to Munich on a Sunday? Bus or train? We will be traveling in mid April and spending 4 days in Prague, so we can make the arrangements as soon as we arrive in Prague.

All help is appreciated.
Thank you
Debbi Korman
Portland OR

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take a look at bahn web site line here bhan. see how you want to do it.

also, look at this site. link here Its CZs train web site.

i went from Munich to Prague, but it was a monday. If you are concerned about things not being open on a sunday, just input different days of the week (friday, saturday, SUNDAY and any other day around the days you want) and see for yourself the schedule and how they do things over there.

I used the train since i like train travel. the bus is quicker, but the time savings wasnt that much for me to ditch the train. maybe for others, but not me. You will need to figure out what you like. Also while you are looking at the bahn site, you can look at the travel duration for both and see how that sits with you.

happy trails.

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Either option is good, so you can choose based on timing. On a Sunday schedule in April, you'll see that direct trains depart about 5:00, 9:00, 13:00, or 17:00, take 6 hours, and don't require reservations. Direct buses are operated by DB (German railway), depart about 8:00, 11:00, 14:00, or 17:00, and take under 5 hours. Bus tickets are sold with a seat reservation, but there's no deadline to buy. The bus is pretty comfortable, but is smaller and has less freedom to walk around. DB sells either train or bus tickets with advance discounts starting 3 months ahead through the link above, if you're ready to lock in date and time .

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There is a 3 day deadline to buy bus tickets at a discount. Otherwise it will cost you 66€/person. Best price for the bus with advance purchase (up to 92 days in advance) is as low as 29€/person (58€+ for 2). The sooner you purchase, the lower the price.

The direct train takes a little longer, but you can pre-purchase a Bayern-Ticket online for 27€ (for 2) and use it for the Czech border to Munich. A Czech rail ticket to Germany will cost about 10€/person, so 47€ for two. There are no deadlines for these tickets; you can buy them at that price right up to travel time.

If you know what you are doing, you can purchase a Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket for Pilsen to Munich for 30,50€ from the Bahn Ticket Store and Czech Rail tickets to Pilsen from Czech Rail for about 3,60€/person, 38€ total.

The Bayern- or Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket will also give you unlimited use of the means of transport (S-/U-Bahn, trams, buses) in Munich once you arrive.