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Prague to Kutna Hora, Konopiste Castle, and Cesky Krumlov

Would we have time to drive from Prague one morning, visit Kutna Hora, then on to Konopiste Castle, see the sights in both of those places and have time to drive to Cesky Krumlov to spend the night?

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I did a quick route on Google and would say it is possible and if you got a reasonably early start then yeah I would say it is possible ,if you have a couple or hours in Kutna Hora and Konopiste it would make a full day trip but you would make Cesky Krumlov by late afternoon/early evening.If you want to do a tour in Konopiste it is best to book before hand, I managed a walk up tour several years ago but it was late in the season and fairly late in the day.

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No. That's too much for one day. Kutna Hora deserves an entire day to itself. You should consider going Prague - Konopiste - Tabor - Cesky Krumlov instead.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
Too much for one day. The one really big road is between Prague and Brno. None of your driving would be on this. So it is more 'back road' driving. You have to be alert 100% of the time. No relaxed driving.

Konopiste is a place I highly recommend. The castle interior is as if the Arch Duke had just left for a day trip. This guy waited and waited to become the head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, decades. So what did he do? He killed animals 'hunting'. The castle is filled with mountings of these poor animals, all numbered. The castle tour takes hours. And then a nice meal in the village.

Kutna Horra is also a place I recommend. The ossuary was really something. St. Barbara's Cathedral is unique. The city center is worth visiting. Keep your eyes peeled for stone or brick sheds stacked to the roof with human bones.

Cesky Krumlov is unique and thoroughly over run by tourists. Nothing real here any more. Still it is a really neat place. But no real people live in the oxbow of the river. Have you thought of Telc instead?

Kutna Hora is to the east of Prague, while Konopiste and Czesky Krumlov are both south. Kutna Hora one day. Konopiste and on to Czesky Krumlov the nest day.

wayne iNWI

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Hi !,

We are arriving a couple of days early for our RS Praque/Budepest Tour. Would like to take a day trip beforehand on our own
that is not covered in the tour. Terezin (Crematorium and Columbarium closed on Sat), Kutna Hora and Konoppiste are ones I've looked at. Any suggestions?
We are from Charlotte, NC and Lake Wylie, SC. There is another couple from Fort Mill and Indianland that we would love to touch
base with beforehand. Please reach out if you would like.

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Thank you for all of your suggestions. I think we will go to Kutna Hora as a day trip from Prague, then the next day head south to Konopiste, possibly through Tabor, and on to Cesky Krumlov.

Our flight would probably arrive originally in Prague at 1:00 in the afternoon. So if we have that 1/2 day, then 2 more full days in Prague, would that be enough time to see the sights in Prague? Then we would spend another night there after doing our day trip to Kutna Hora.

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Also, thank you Wayner for mentioning Telc. I looked it up and now want to add that to our itinerary. It looked very interesting.