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Prague Symphony - A4 tickets and formal dress?

We just got tickets to the Prague Symphony for a fantastic concert with Pinchas Zukerman! But we are a little daunted by the following:

Ticket format - We chose an e-ticket, and the website says it must be presented on A4 paper. We don't have A4 paper in the US. Do they really just care about the bar code, or do I need to print out the tickets at my hotel?

The dress code - they have a dress code that is very specific down to the height of women's shoes, here:
We live in a VERY informal city and don't even own the types of clothing they are talking about. My husband owns one sport jacket and a pair of dress shoes but those are a waste of space/weight in his bag to take all over Europe for 2 weeks for minimal use. Can we get by OK and not get rude stares a long as we're wearing nice pants and tops? It is, however, opening night.

Just as an aside, we are sitting on the main floor at an ideal distance from the stage. I'm shocked at the low ticket prices, which translate to $39 USD each for what I'd expect to pay north of $150 each in the US. It makes me wonder how they pay their artists and keep up the hall.

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I think you missed a key word in that description - “recommend.”

By my reading, pants and a top are fine.

I’m also sure that no one will care if you use 8.5x11.

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US letter-size paper (8.5 x 11) is very close to A4 and is fine. They just don't want you using smaller paper.

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I attended an opera at the Prague National Theater, which had similar recommendations for dress and A4 printed ticket.

My ticket, printed on US sized paper, was accepted without a blink. I wore "nice-ish" travel clothes (pants-not jeans, a nice top, my travel flats - not travel sandals, but certainly not heels either, and a scarf - which I like to pretend "dresses" it up a bit) and fit in just fine amidst the span of well-heeled and more casually dressed attendees.

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I have packed a sport jacket for such occasions when in Europe. Does not take up all that much space or weight, and gets some use when we go out to dinner. Yes, guide in Budapest told us the best seats at the Budapest National Opera, right next to the Presidential box are equivalent $60.

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You can get A4 paper in the United States. I ordered it from Staples because I needed it for a train ticket. Also, my not-very-fancy hp printer has a setting for A4 paper.

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Many times European companies with a print at home ticket will require you to print on A4. I have never heard of any single time where a ticket printed on 8 1/2 x 11 was refused.

The two sizes while slightly different are very similar.

They just want it on a full normal sheet of paper, rather than A5 which is half the size.

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If it were me, I would stick to the recommended attire, even if I were to only wear it one time during the trip. I feel that if it is a priority for you to attend the symphony, then it should be a priority for you to dress appropriately.

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Letter/A4 is the same as far as they are concerned, most important is they can read the booking number or bar/QR code. Just make sure that what you are printing is the actual ticket because in the past when I've been to the Municipal House you have a reservation and you present your printed paper to the ticket office where they then give you the actual entry tickets. You then show these tickets to the guys/girls at the top of the stairs. This is a September performance with the PSO supporting the main act so it's smart. You'll be checking any coat at the cloakroom so jacket is nice but you don't need dress shoes and trousers. Have some cash ready to get a drink/snack if there's an intermission. They take a card if it's tap and pay.