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I am planning Europe trip next year and looking to book my air tickets. Due to restrictions on my reward flight from British Airways, my round trip journey arrival and departure city has to be same. Based on this, I am confused if I should choose Prague or Vienna or Budapest as arrival and departure city.
Based on my research so far, looks like Prague will be a good city to start/end the journey. Looking for feedback/comments
Proposed itinerary
Day 1 US to Prague
Day 2, 3, 4 in Prague
Day 5 travel to Vienna
Day 6, 7, 8 in Vienna
Day 9 Train to Budapest
Day 10, 11 Budapest
Day 12 Train from Budapest to Prague
Day 13 Fly Home

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You might consider a flight from Budapest to Prague on Day 12. I'm seeing non-stop evening flights for less than $100 (and as little as $27, checking random dates) on a couple of airlines - though it may be more by the time you add up whatever fees you'll want or need. The 1.5 hour flight could give you back about a half day of sightseeing in Budapest over the 6.5 hour train.

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Thanks @CWsocial for flight suggestion. Yes, I will most likely end up booking flight to save travel time.

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Consider flying round trip to Prague - but immediately upon landing in Prague, fly to Budapest (or a few hours after to give yourself some layover). Direct flights are cheap. Then, train back from Budapest to Prague. That will save you a day of train travel back to Prague and also avoid splitting up your nights in Prague between beginning and end.

You could do it the opposite way: fly round trip to Budapest, fly immediately to Prague. Prague is a little easier to start out with than Budapest (in my opinion) especially when you are jetlagged.

Yes, this probably means a long first day of flying. That day will be a blur anyway; might as well get the extra travel out of the way up front and get the most out of your trip.

You're certain you can't do an open jaw ticket with a BA award ticket?

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Never used Vienna, but 3-4 times for both PRG and BUD. Both have the advantage of being small and not too far out of town. And both notorious for rip off taxis. Consult the Internet for advice on how to get from airport to town. And this applies to all overseas travel: check on tourist safety at the UK Home Office web site. The US State Dept's safety advice is corrupted by Congressional meddling forcing them to do things like listing Havana as dangerous.

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I like your itinerary, but on day 5, see if you can go via Chesky Krumlow.