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Prague Public Transit Questions

My wife and some friends are traveling to Prague in early May for the Czech Rock Garden Club International Conference. While we were there back in 2014 and used the streetcars and metro extensively, memories are a little fuzzy. I seem to remember we just bought day passes from the vending machines on the street near our hotel. A few questions:

My wife is 67, is she eligible for free transit on the metro, trains, and trams? Apparently she can ride the buses free at 67.

Has anyone travelled from Pruhonice, south of Prague, into the city center by public transit. (Pruhonice is where the conference is being held.)

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all she has to do is show her passport (no other document will do) and she can travel free within the main Prague limits. Prohonice can be reached by bus from Opatov Metro (red line) and takes about 15 minutes from the metro to the center of the town, just check exactlly where she needs to be as there are a few stops in Prohonice. She will have to pay for that bus but just pay the driver, not sure on the cost as they went up recently but I would think 50KC max but I am sure the last time I was there about 3 years ago the bus was only 18Kc.
this link will give her the transport options as well as time-tables, prices should also come up.

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Pruhonice is in Zone 1 so the cost of a single trip from Opatov is CZK22.