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Prague -> Krakow -> Budapest

First trip to Central Europe - a few days in each. Question re overnight train travel: should I buy my over-night tickets now (in the U.S. prior to travel - one way tickets only) OR wait until I arrive in Prague? And buy my Krakow-Budapest ticket once I'm in Krakow? thank you for any advice. Also, how challenging to change dates of departure - once purchased - if my itinerary changes?

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Tickets are cheaper when booked in advance. Also, berths on the train are limited, so best to book ahead to guarantee a spot.

For long distance train travel questions, the Man in Seat 61 is the best resource.

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Have you considered the bus between Budapest and Krakow? It's easier than the train. Polski Bus does it during the daytime in under 7 hours. Cost is under 10 dollars.

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I agree with Valerie. In this case (Krakow - Budapest) bus would be better because it does not do a big detour through the Czech Republic therefore it takes shorter time and it is cheaper. Another perk is that the scenery is very good; bus goes through the mountains of Slovakia.