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Prague Kosher Restaurant

I would like to dine at a kosher restaurant when I am in Prague soon. Rick recommends three in his Eastern Europe guidebook: Kolonial, Dinitz Kosher Restaurant and King Solomon Restaurant. Do readers have a strong recommendation for one of these or another one and why? Thank you.

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Hi Craig. I haven't been to any top-notch kosher restaurants in Europe. I've been to a few mid-level and below. My general impression is they are fine for people who only eat kosher but not worth paying higher prices (due at least in part to the extra costs) for someone who doesn't observe strict dietary rules.

I googled your 3. Kolonial doesn't seem to exist any more. Dinitz menu (no prices) is basically a typical Israeli menu. If you really want ordinary Israeli food, I'm sure you can find better and cheaper in Chicago. King Solomon looks upscale - with prices to match - and is typical Eastern European Jewish food for the most part. Some of the menu items sound like those you can get in any good Jewish deli (kosher or not) in New York. I don't know if Chicago still has any good Jewish delis but the northern suburbs probably do. And there's always Manny's at Jefferson and Roosevelt near Circle Campus. If you go, get something that's more typically Czech. I haven't found any really good European kosher wines, many of the Israeli wines are excellent.

When are you going? If it's between now and Oct 23, note that the Jewish sights and restaurants will be closed on the many holidays and closed or short hours on holiday eves.

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Kolonial, is now a Pizza restaurant, i had been in there several times but never thought it was a kosher restaurant anyway.