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Prague in July - Rec's for home base?


We're a family of 4, with young adult/late teen children, (1 of whom has food allergies, so we need to have fridge & some cooking facilities). First trip to Prague, looking for recommendations for a 2-bedroom, 2-bath, w/kitchenette. We're all very active & can walk for miles, but want to be in a relatively central location. Anyone have a great place they'd like to recommend? We're staying 8 nights.

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In 2016 we stayed at the Pushkin Apartments. It is a central location, clean and basic with a great price. We rented a one bedroom for ourselves and a studio next door for our kids (20’s).
To avoid crowds we went “outside of center” and exploded the many amazing neighborhoods while hitting the tourist sights first thing in the morning. Read past forum QA’s of Unclegus. I planned our six days in Prague (day trip to Kuntra Hora) from a lot of his advice on the forum. Prague is amazing—

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I stayed at a studio at Pushkin apts in July of 2014 and really loved it. I think a 2 bedroom there would be fun for the kids because it's right in the heart of old town and a short walk to the main square and Charles bridge. I'm not sure they would have 2 baths though so you could do what the other poster did and get a single and a studio or 2 singles - prices are very reasonable (at least they were when I was there) so that's a viable option. It does get crowded in old town because of the main tourist sights but I didn't find it overwhelming, especially since I did a lot of sightseeing early in the day and in the evening. The late daylight hours in July made evenings a great time to explore with less crowds.

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Iam in Prague a the moment ,returning to the uk tomorrow,very limited access to internet so will reply with some info for you in a few days

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Thank you all. The Pushkin apartments are very limited for our dates of stay, so we'll have to look elsewhere.
Also decided to stay one night in Cesky Krumlov if there are suggestions there??

Thanks again!

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I am back from my trip had a great week in Prague meeting up with old friends and making a few new ones including meeting some delightful folk from the Rick Steves forums.
first of all regarding food allergies,the Czech republic food industry and restaurants are well geared up to coping with them and in fact so is most of Europe.
this is a list of the major allergens and how they are listed in the CR. all restaurant should have them listed on menu items though some places may have mentioned on menus if you have an allergy to tell staff.
Each has a number and you should see this number in brackets at the end of each item on the menu.
If gluten is the major allergy then anything number 1 is a no go area, there are many places that do gluten free meals and one restaurant I know that has and extensive gluten free menu .
if you want to print off a note to give to staff in restaurants than you should find a good one here both in English and Czech.

Now to accommodation, been a while since I stayed in the Pushkin apartments, for me they were ok but nothing great, very central but too touristy an area for me.
this is a good website for finding apartments in Prague and I would also suggest and AirBnB.
Prague has a superb and easy to use very cheap public transport system and worth considering staying a little bit out of the main city centre as long as you are close to a metro or tram stop.I usually stay in the Dejvicka area Prague 6 and find it ideal for me. there are some apartment hotels in the city so worth trying to Google them though some may come up in other searches.
Hope this helps you plan your trip.

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Echoing the estimable UncleGus: public transportation in Prague is so easy and reliable that you might wish to elevate suitable lodging over a "central location." We found an AirBB apartment in Smichov that met our needs and budget, with a tram stop in front and a Metro station a few blocks away. As as seniors on a first visit to Prague, we were immediately comfortable zooming around town with a transportation map in hand.

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Have a look at Prague Stay apartments. Our family of five has booked one for our visit in July. My daughter also has allergies (peanuts, pistachios and cashews). We create cards in the language of the country we are visiting and hand them to the servers at each restaurant. We've made five trips to Europe with her (she's 12) and we have had wonderful service and understanding of her allergies in each country we've visited.

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Look up Mary's apartments - we stayed in Green Oasis and it was a GREAT, clean apartment. They don't have breakfast, but a full kitchen in the apartment so you could make your own meals. It's about a 10 minute walk from the train station; next to a huge park that has a great beer garden and a wonderful sunset view of Prague - bring your blankets, frisbees, picnic, etc. Because our group has grown, we now stay at Sophie's Hostel and they have Sophie's Hotel right across the street. Some of their apartments have fridges and they have an awesome breakfast with lots of option, free daily walking tour, tables down in the lobby where you may play games, have a soft drink or beer, etc.

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Nice to see Sophies mentioned. Also check a place called "Krakovska 9" or it can also be called "Krakovska Terraces" which is one block from Wenceslas Square or mid-way between Miss Sophies and the square. They have 2-bed, 2-bath and the kitchenette plus the upper floors have spectacular views over the city.