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Prague in Christmas

We are a group of 6 adults that will be travelling to Munich and Prague in late December. We will be in Prague for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Does anybody have advice on if restaurants are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? We have an Air BnB so can cook our own meals if nothing is open. Also, does anyone have any suggestions for non-czech restaurants in Prague? We are looking forward to some tasty Czech food but might need a break with something less 'hearty'.

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So, just to confirm! our Christmas Day is the 24th (main holiday) but both 24th and 25th are State Holidays. Unless a restaurant owner is particularly religious then everything downtown will be open. The 24th falls on a Sunday so you might find places close earlier than usual. Other places to try Pepe Nero (Italian), La Casa Blu (Central American), Les Moules (Belgian), Blue Fjord (fish), Food Lab (International). Just look at Google Maps for options and then use the forum for more detail.

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Thanks Jason, this is very helpful! And we appreciate the restaurant recommendations.

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Well----I'm looking for same similar trip and also from seattle.
Been to Germany and Prague for decades many times.
1. First problem you have is many restaurants and shops will be closed Christmas eve and day.
3. Non-czech go to Trip advisor pick style....that simple. I refuse to eat anything but czech when in czech that's me.
4. I go to Germany & czech for the beer and the arts.
5. Curious amount of airbnb and location?

Prague si most beautiful city in the world IMO. I travel 2 times per year in Germany and Prague/czech.

First time for me to try christmas time.

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This is my first time in Munich and Prague during the Christmas season also. We did Vienna and Budapest a few years ago for the Christmas markets and it was a lot of fun. It has been a long time since I was last in Prague so am looking forward to it.

I am not as concerned about restaurants being closed; just need to know on which days so I know when we are on the hook for cooking meals. :) Thanks for sending the link on Czech cuisine, that is really helpful.

We reserved the AirBnB several months ago. It is in the New Town and runs around $670/night which isn't bad for 6 people.

Enjoy your trip!

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Wow Euromann, thanks for the link on Czech cuisine! That guy’s website is a treasure for traveling foodies. 😋