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Prague for Christmas and New Years

Hello! I was hoping to visit Prague during Christmas Day and New Years. However I wanted to confirm if any of my bucket list sites, Prague Castle, St. Vitnus Cathdral, Petrin Tower, Old Tower Bridge, and Powder Tower would be open during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. If you can comment on the availability of public transport and pubs/cafes during these times, I would appreciate it as well.

Thank you!! Happy travels!

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I was in Prague last new year,was there from the 28th -4th jan. and in that time most places I went to were open, Public transport was superb over that time. reduced service part of the time but still great and had no problem getting around at any time including at 1.00am on the first january.Pubs cafés etc. were all open though one I went to outside of Prague was close as the kitchen was being refurbished.
Over Christmas you will find most place will close early on Christmas eve and then reopen around lunchtime Christmas day.I will check the website of the various sites nearer the time for confirmation.
Marcus and Jason who both come on this forum either live in Prague or just outside and should be able to confirm what I have said and hopefully add to it.
great time of year to be in the city with the Christmas markets going on, will be cold but wrap up well and enjoy the city.
I am back in Prague in just over a week and will hopefully be there over new year again if I can get things organised.

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Just to confirm that here, the 24th is the actual Christmas day. 23/12 and 31/12 are normal days. The towers are definitely open on Dec 24th and Jan 1st. Not sure about ST Vitus because they'll have services on both the 24th and 25th at least in the mornings.