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Prague City Card -- worthwhile?

Visiting Prague for the first time, for 10 days, the end of April. We'll want to visit a handful of museum, and the must-see tourist sites. Wondering if others have found the Prague City Card (2/3/4 day) worthwhile, or better off paying as you go. (We are already set up with Living Prague for a couple of walking tours.) What do you think?

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I guess you will have to pick the sights you really want to see and do the math to see which is cheaper. Are you planning the whole ten days in Prague? Prague is nice, but IMO 10 days seems awfully long. Have you considered any visits to nearby towns like Cesky Krumlov or Kunta Hora? Just a suggestion.

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Worthwhile? Do the math but consider your preference for pace of travel. City Cards can be a a good bang for the Koruna if you enjoy darting from one must-see to another. If you enjoy lingering at one must-see, then paying as you go may be a better buy and less hectic.

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I did the math for various city cards and transit passes while visiting numerous capitals in Central Europe last fall. I bought transit passes in Vienna and Budapest. In Prague, I bought the 3 day city card (includes transit pass.) I bought it on arrival at the main train station (English speaking kiosk on ground level) and used it immediately to take the metro (entrance immediately behind the kiosk) to my hotel.

I paid (with credit card): 1810 kr ($81.17 at the time) for a 3 day card
Value I received: 1606 kr ($72.02 at the time)
Unrealized value: 204 kr ($9.15 at the time)

My assessment: although I didn't get my full 1810 kr worth, the card was well worth it for ease and flexibility, and not basing my decisions on a per-use cost, but rather on just doing whatever I felt like … because [after having bought the card] it was "free."

- (400 kr) historical bus tour almost immediately upon arrival (a great choice as it gave me a nice overview and helped me get my sense of direction in the city)
- (250 kr) Prague Castle Circuit B
- (250 kr) Old Town Hall and Tower tour
- (discount 48 kr) Mucha Museum
- (220 kr) Schwarzenberg Palace (stopped in for an hour when I was up at the castle)
- (150 kr) City of Prague Museum (was an unexpected highlight; Langweil's model of the city of Prague is incredible!)
- (XXX 90kr) Powder Tower - this would have been another 90 kr of value, but I couldn't manage the crowds in the tower stairs)

Additional value:

Sights: In addition to the sights that I had planned to visit, I also visited sights that I might not otherwise have, had I not had the card.

Trams/metros: I used the metros and trams liberally (since they were "free" with the card) and with ease (didn't have to buy a ticket for each journey.) I rode 4 or more metros/trams each day, often using them to reach my farthest destination for the day, then walk back. In some cases, I just hopped on a tram and rode it for sightseeing, up and back along the Vltava.

Obviously, you'd have to do the math for the sights you want to visit and whether you would use the metros/trams. I would encourage you to also take into consideration the "additional value" that you might not anticipate.