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Prague - Cesky Krumlov - Salzburg - Hallstatt, end in Budapest

Need help organizing travel.

My husband won a trip to Budapest for 5 nights from July 6 - 11. We are flying (our home is Little Rock, AR) to Amsterdam for three nights, then want to organize the remaining 6 nights as listed below. Is this doable? Should we organize differently? Any input is greatly appreciated. Especially need help on best ways to travel between these destinations.

Prague - 2 nights (flying in from previous stay in Amsterdam)
Cesky Krumlov - 1 night
Salburg - 2 nights
Hallstatt - 1 night
Then on to Budapest for 5 nights (this leg of the trip is set in stone)


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I would organize it Prague-CK-Hallstatt-Salzburg-Budapest to take advantage of a direct train from Salzburg to Budapest. From Prague to CK take Student Agency bus sometimes called Yellow Bus. It's direct, snacks, beverages, bathroom on board, takes about 3 hours. If you take a train you have to change in Ceske Budejovice. You can get to Hallstatt from CK by train with several changes and it takes quite long. There are many shuttles going to Linz and then you can go by train or you can arrange for shuttle all the way to Hallstatt. It would cost more but I think it would be worth it. Then from Hallstatt to Salzburg by train with one change. For detailed schedule check Deutsche Bahn website. It is unfortunate that you got only 2 nights which means only one full day for Prague which would need at least 3 full days. Otherwise you devoted proper time to each of your cities (towns).

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  1. Arrive Prague – my guess, maybe noon or ??? Then ½ to ¾ day of sight seeing (night 1).
  2. Prague – Full night of sight seeing (night 2).

All in all, a bit of a rush for Prague. I like Prague but despite the rush I wouldn’t be disappointed if its all the time I had.

  1. Later morning or early ride by Bean Shuttle to Cesky Krumlov (night). You will arrive about the same time as the day trippers and Cesky Krumlov will be a bit crowded until about 2 pm when they all head home so do some last minute good stuff in Prague before you leave town.

Cesky K. is going to be at its best after the day trippers leave and the next day in the morning before the day trippers arrive. It’s the reason to spend the night.

  1. Take a noon Bean Shuttle to Hallstatt for the night. Salburg - 2 nights
  2. Train from Hallstatt to Salzburg (night 1)
  3. Salzburg (night 2)
  4. Morning train to Budapest 7/6 (Monday, the museums are closed).

And you do realize it’s nearly a 6 hour trip from Salzburg to Budapest. I am guessing you have already been to Vienna.

  1. Budapest 7/7
  2. Budapest 7/8
  3. Budapest 7/9
  4. Budapest 7/10
  5. Budapest to Home