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Prague Card

Any advice about getting a Prague card? We are seniors, and will be in Prague for 4 nights (3 full days) and plan to use public transportation a lot if it is feasible.

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Depends on where you are located and what you want to see/do. Our hotel was in Old Town a couple of blocks from the Clock and Bridge. We walked everywhere and didn't need transit except for getting from and getting to the airport.

If you have a list of things to do, just do the math to figure out the economics, or just buy the card and enjoy not having to pay for this and that.

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We'll be in Prague for 4 nights in June- we are seniors as well 60/64 - I just did the math- added up all the sights I knew we wanted- (and a few of them were not covered by the Prague Card) threw in a few possibles and it did not save us any money at all.
I also spent a lot of time working out where/when we would be able to use public transportation and for the most part we would still be walking!
We plan to just pay as we go and probably buy a 3 day transit pass for convenience.

The Prague Card site has a calculator that makes it pretty easy to do the math.

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I have made numerous trios to Prague and never felt the need for the Prague card.
this article form the LivingPrague website may be of interest to you.
the whole website is pretty good and will give you a lot of info, often has links to special deals and 2for 1 offers

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Hello Hazel,

If you are seniors (70 or over), the good news is that you are entitled to ride the Prague Public Transport system free-of-charge. However, you will need a Senior Pass, which you can pick up in at any of the Prague Public Transport information offices.

For a Senior Pass, you will need to bring passport sized photo, your passport or ID (to prove your age) and the 20czk admin fee. They will make your pass there and then, and you'll be able to ride around for free. The saving isn't huge (a three day pass costs 310czk) but still it is nice to get a little seniors' treat.

I hope that this helps


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I live in Prague and we have frequent visitors. I would advise against the Prague Card, not only because it doesn't really save you any money (and it's hard to find places that sell the card--they don't even sell it at the Castle!), but also because you can very easily get an inexpensive pass to cover all your public transportation. A 72-hour transit ticket costs about $12, and that's for adults paying full price. Seniors and students are much cheaper. You can buy the transit pass in any metro station and in most hotels.