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Prague Beer tour

We are excited to be traveling to Prague for the first time next week. I was hoping to sign up for a beer tour but it is quite overwhelming . It would be helpful to have a recommendation from someone who has been on one of these tours. Any advice welcome

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Some good information is on this website:
There is nobody more qualified on this Forum than Unclegus to give you advice on Prague or Czech beer. I think he knows more about Czech beer than those guys who will be taking you on that tour. Just wait when he comes with his advice.

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My self directed and self paced beer tour began and ended in the same bar. I understand I had a good time.

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James - I have taken many similar tours such as the one you describe here and I have found them all to be very successful!

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We took a Free Walking Tour where the guides work for trips. Then we paid for their Nightlife Tour of Prague. It's hard to find the really good beer halls and night clubs as they're off the beaten path.
We found beer as low as $1.05 each. It's about the only really cheap thing left in Prague.

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Our first trip to the Czech Republic one afternoon I told my wife I wasn't feeling good, dizzy and sort of run down. I have a minor heart condition so I was a little worried. She reminded me that I had been drinking beer since breakfast and ...... well, you get it.

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I don't know what age group you fit into but I am presuming you are not under 25, so my advice will be based on that.
Lots of various beer tours and I must admit it is 10 years since I did one and I don't think that company is a round anymore.I would look for one that takes you around 3 or 4 pubs and maybe give you a meal, that way you make an evening of it.
this website has some superb info on drinking beer in Prague and links to beer tasting and beer tours, I have used this website for many year but have not done their tours but as I have had so much interaction with Daniel that runs the website I would have no problem recommending things linked to their website.
I have looked at this company before and quite like the look of their tours, the have one called Pub Tour with the Good Soldier Švejk, now Svejk is my absolute hero ,and I have a tattoo of him on my left arm (go to my profile on Trip Advisor and see it as it is my avatar) read the book by Jaroslav Hasek and illustrations by Josef Lada.
There are companies that take you on pub crawls with the emphasis on drinking as much as possible and then ending up at a night club,not my type of thing but if that's the sorts of thing you want have a look at them.
There are so many great places for beer in Prague and you might want to do a few places on your own, the first link I gave you should help with that, you can look for recommended places in the area you are staying.I love visiting all the micro-breweries and you can have an evening enjoying a meal and going through the range of beers offered.If the weather is still nice the big beer gradens will be open. Riegrovy Sady has a really good selection of beers and some half decent snack foods,Letna beer garden has superb views but their beer choice is limited to Gambrinus.
lets me know where you are staying and I can try and suggest places nearby.
I am back in Prague 2 weeks today for a week of football and beer .

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Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. We have decided to go with Prague beer tours our first night in Prague. Can't wait

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Hi, Marcus, I am interested in your "Tipsy Tour"--I live in Prague and write and edit for The Bridge magazine (for expat women), and I'm going to be writing an article on fun, non-typical activities to do with houseguests. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about your Tipsy Tour for my article? My email address is Thanks!