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Prague at Easter

I read in the upcoming festivals/holidays for the Czech Republic that there would be closures over Easter and Passover, but I was wondering if a trip was still worthwhile over that weekend (Thurs-Tues)? I figure different sights would be closed for the different holidays, so if you're strategic you could still see everything.. And it seems that a lot of what to see is involves just wandering around the city anyway. But I've never been, so I don't know.. Any advice for traveling at Easter?

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Easter Monday is a public holiday. So no banks, public transport on holiday schedule. Most restaurants, cafes etc. will be open. In smaller towns and villages especially in eastern Moravia there is a peculiar tradition. Boys and men are visiting girls symbolically whipping them. They will receive a ribbon on their whipping tool, painted egg, small boys some sweets, bigger boys and men something stronger - alcoholic drink usually wine or slivovice (home made plum brandy). That custom practically died in Prague so you will be safe there. But if you are adventurous go to Roznov pod Radhostem or Straznice where is also a large skansen and you will see real Easter Monday. If you decide for it and need more information feel free to contact me. Check this website:

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I've been to Prague over Easter. The historic parts of the city were packed with tourists. Charles Bridge was a sea of humanity and we had to wait quite long to be seated one night for dinner (realized later it was in Rick Steves' book...oh, that's why).