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Prague and Cesky Krumlov castles

Hello everyone,
I'll be there around june 19th for the Cesky Krumlov castle and beginning of july for Prague.
Should I reserve those visits ahead?
What are your experiences considering the time of year I'm going?
Thanks you in advance

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These two places are very different. The CK castle is more of a very old Chateau, rather than a defensive castle. CK can be very crowded any day in the summer, so if you want an English tour (I believe CK castle visits are ONLY by tour ... ) go to the ticket office as soon as you can to try and get the tour time and language you want. Prague is a much bigger place with larger per-day capacity.

I personally found the CK castle missable (by which I do not mean "bad", but simply "underwhelming"), but the CK Baroque Theater was of great interest to me. That has even fewer daily places for visits by their own tour only.

Edit: defined "missable"

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Much of Prague Castle is a free series of courtyards. As I recall, you need a ticket for the Knights Hall-- a very big old room at the top of a weird stairway-- the Cathedral which is one of EU's better Gothic piles, but if you hove seen one Gothic cathedral, you have seen them all. The Golden Mile and the museum attached are well worth the hassle.

For something different, visit the other, older castle, Vyšehrad (The High Castle) whose St George cathedral I find preferable to St Wenceslas.

It's easy to get to Prague Castle by tram from the Mala Strana metro stop.

The walk down the Royal Way from the castle to Old Town Square is a top sight.

Also, do not miss the view of the Castle after dark from the Old Town side of Charles Bridge.

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Good information upthread. Helpful since we will traveling to Prague & CK this fall. We have reserved a 0900 tour in CK (2hrs.) that includes the Barogue Theater, & castle exterior, etc. Krumlov Tours. [email protected]. Our friends took this tour and highly recommended it.

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Most of the cathedral isn't actually Gothic, despite appearances. The majority of what you see there today was actually built between 1871 and 1929 by the rather aptly-named, Patriotic Society for the Completion of the Cathedral. I find the Prague Castle to be unpleasantly crowded during the day, so I always recommend visiting it in the evening or taking a night tour. It's open until 10pm.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
If you want a more castle-like castle go to Konopiste Castle. This was the home of Arch Duke Francis Ferdinand. He spent 60 years waiting to gain the crown. You wouldn't believe what is in this place.

You can catch a train to it, and I bet there are day trips you can hire.

Prague Castle is big, but it wouldn't be recognized as a castle by many visiters. Don't get me wrong, it is a castle but most people expect a prominent castle keep.

Konopiste looks like the day the duke left to end up assasinated.

Wayner iNWI

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Thanks Wainer,
Not sure I'll have time to go there, but certainly looks spectacular.
I'm also going to stop at Karlstein castle on our way to Cesky Krumlow. This one too is a must-see.