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Prague Airport logistics (and Czech phone service)

My wife and I are planning to visit Prague and the Czech Republic in the fall. We plan to book an airport taxi online; we have a timely appointment (a bus in town) to catch. Before taking the taxi, we'd like to make our way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 to buy and activate a SIM card at the Vodafone kiosk. Can we easily/quickly walk to Terminal 2 from Terminal 1, outside the security area (after clearing customs)?

Separate question: It's also possible to procure a SIM for the O2 network ahead of time, on eBay, for around $20, but we have to trust our luck that we can activate it once we get to Prague. Any opinions on this option vs. buying the SIM at the airport? Thanks!


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You will land in Terminal 1 only if you fly directly from the USA or other non Schengen country. If you change planes in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris or any other Schengen country you will land in Terminal 2. Terminals are connected by the hallway, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes walk. I always use that Vodafone kiosk to buy minutes for my European cellphone. People there speak good English. I would not bother with eBay. They can handle everything there. It's not necessary to book taxi online. You don't know exactly when you be ready (delay, etc.). There are plenty of taxis. Airport is now served by AAA, those are one of the best. Thugs are over. You can also buy voucher for taxi to downtown for fixed price in the airport hallway.