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Prague 3 days

Age advantages in Prague? Problems with currency? Advice? Thank you

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what age?
you questions are pretty vague would you care to elaborate a little.
main advice is read a guide book

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Watch out for ATMs and hotels/restaurants/shops wanting to record your transaction in your home currency (US dollars?) rather than in the local currency, korunas. That will be a very bad deal for you, because a non-standard exchange rate will be used, and it will most certainly not be in you favor. That's general advice for most countries in Europe these days.

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With very little to go on, my "advice" would be to buy a 3 day transit pass. Although Prague town center is very walkable, there is also a lot of sightseeing that you can do by tram. Because I had a 3 day pass - and didn't have to think about whether to "buy" a ticket or not - I hopped on trams to sightsee up and down the river, up and down the hills, and cross-town to get from A to B. Even at that, I still walked plenty of miles!

Individual tickets are cheap at 24 CZK (about $1.02.) Breakeven on the transit pass, 310 CZK (about $13.23) for a 72 hour pass, is 13 rides.

Of course, if you prefer to walk, then my advice would be to ignore the above :-)

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Hi from Wisconsin,
I want to follow up an an earlier reply. I agree with the earlier reply.

When you use your credit card to pay for a meal or hotel they may ask if you would like to be charged in Korunas (Czech currency) or USDollars. Now it sounds like being billed in USD would be a good idea, but that is wrong. Have them bill your credit card in Korunas. You will get a better exchange rate with your credit card doing the exchange than if the hotel or restaurant does the exchange.

Local currency is available at ATMs. And because this is Korunas that are not useable in other countries, you want to get the needed quantity correct. Most every where you go will take your credit card. Except food and ice cream stands, that sort of thing. It is noice to have cash for those places you really like. That way they don't lose on the exchange/credit card fees.

Prague tourist center is a must see. But if possible get outside of it.

wayne iNWI