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Passport: Carry or Store in Hotel Room Safe Deposit Box?

This probably will sound like a basic question, but here it goes...Heading to Prague in a few weeks and somebody had mentioned some precautions to take. Is it wiser/safer to carry my passport with me when I venture out or is it safer to store it in the safe deposit box in my hotel room? Thanks.

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Debated and answered many times on the Forum. Its a personal preference. Money belts are practical.

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I always, always, carry my passport with me. Some people don't.

For me, it's a question of risk/reward, and balancing the (trivial) inconvenience of carrying it with me, against the (considerable) inconvenience that would ensue if it was lost or stolen.

Not all hotels rooms have a "safe deposit box" (I assume you mean, a lockable room safe). Most places don't. And in a few I've seen, I didn't trust the room safe (staff have a master code that can be used to unlock all the safes...necessary because guests forget the combination they set or because the lock malfunctions (they typically run on batteries). No way would I ever leave my passport someplace that was not very securely locked (eg "hidden" in my room someplace).


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It is the law in most European countries that you are able to present it to the police if requested. When I do leave the passport in the safe, I always carry a color copy in my money belt.

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periscope good references. Claudia, maybe we have some new experiences or something, heck, maybe new members that want to participate?

Do what ever you are most comfortable with. Do realize that some countries absolutely require you to carry it. I believe the Czech Republic is one of those. The passport its self, not a color copy.

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it is a requirement to carry your passport in the Czech Republic though in over 25 years of visiting the country I have never been asked to show it apart from hotels.