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Passau to Cesky Krumlov

We will be ending a bike and boat trip in Passau, our plan is to travel from there to Cesky Krumlov....would like suggestions on best way to get there.

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Trains run pretty regularly from Passau to Linz, from where you can take a train to C Budejovice and then bus to C Krumlov; total travel time 5-6 hours. Several shuttle buses run from Linz to CK, and direct shuttle service from Passau also seems to be an option.

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Few years ago I was in your situation. Finding myself in Passau wanting to go to Cesky Krumlov. Distance is relatively close but by train you go all around with the fastest connection about 5 and half hours and 3 changes. There are some connections with just two changes but those take over 6 hours. To take a shuttle is really not economical just for one person (in my case). There must be some other solution. And sure it was. After studying map and schedules of buses in Passau I found solution. I went by bus to Haidmuhle Muhldorf (both "u" are with umlauf), nice scenic ride, from there I walked less than a mile on a little narrow fortunately paved road (fortunately because I had quite a big suitcase thank God with wheels) toward Czech border. Immediately behind the Czech border there is a little train station Nove Udoli. I boarded a train to Cesky Krumlov. Tickets were sold on the train by the conductor. It is a scenic train ride all the way to Cesky Krumlov. Because I don't know when you are going I consulted Deutsche Bahn website for random weekday in June and chose to show 3 connections:
Departures by bus from Passau: 6:25 10:15 12:20 bus
Arrivals to Haidmuhle: 8:22 11:47 14:05 bus
Departures from Nove Udoli: 9:15 13:15 15:15 train
Arrivals to Cesky Krumlov: 10:53 14:53 16:53 train