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Packing Suggestions

My wife and I are both in our sixties and will be visiting Prague for three full days (after visiting Munich and Vienna). We will be gone a total of 16 days in March. We will each have a suitcase and a small carry-on. Our question is this. Between getting on and off trains, metros, going to tourist spots, etc., we are wondering if we should just plan on having one day pack for use by the two of us to make all of this easier and cut down on potential loss/theft. Any experience you can share will be greatly appreciated.

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Look at it another way. It's going to be nippy. You'll be wearing jackets. Jackets have pockets. How much junk do you need to lug around. Zero daypacks.

I have a daypack. I use it in the far beyonds when long-distance hiking. It holds a couple of water jugs and a rain jacket. It's never occurred to me to use it in town.

Hopefully, those suitcases aren't monsters either. Any month, any weather, any where - - you can do just fine with a carryon - - or maybe a carryon plus.