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Over 70 years old and Prague Metro and Trams

Looking at the Prague metro info online, it appears that I need not purchase a ticket if I carry my passport. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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That was our understanding; we did so, but were never questioned so I can't verify with absolute certainty.

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When I was in Prague recently a friend who lives there said he never buys tickets now. He’s 68 but has very white hair and inspectors just assume he’s over 70 and never ask him.


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I can assure you that you can travel free if you are over 70, just make sure you have your passport to prove you are over 70 if asked, the likelihood of this happening is slim but it may happen. if your are 65-70 you can buy a PID card for 20kc and get free travel too.If you are 60-65 like myself you can get a PID card for 20kc and then a monthly pass for 130 kc.

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Best kept secret of Prague. Last year we used the bus/tram/metro while in Prague. We even rode the metro to the airport when we left for our flight to Spain. Seemed too good to be true, so I verified the info at the TI; we just made sure we had our passports with us (not copies), but no one asked for proof of age.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I just happened to hear about this wonderful benefit from our upcoming tour guide! Oh, and by the way, we also got a discount for our walking tour! I already love Prague.

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just remember to have your passport to hand to prove your entitlement.
I am back in Prague in a few weeks time visiting with 3 friends 2 of whom are over 70 and both have travelled to Prague since their 70yh birthday but neither have ever been asked to prove their age.
I have a PID card for those of us 60-65 and get a months travel for 130kc.Since I started using this card I have never been asked for proof I have a ticket.

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Based on what I've seen lately in Prague this is just to note the following. In order to get free travel on the regular DPP public transport network if you are an EU Citizen then you need either passport or National ID card. If you are not EU then you need your passport. I've noticed lately that some people think that a driving licence is sufficient, it's not.
Also note that the "70 and over" free transport does not apply to the Airport Express which although a DPP service it runs as a paid separate service.
Also note that for 70 and over, cabin sized baggage is free to transport (like for everyone) but you still need to buy the CZK16 ticket for each suitcase etc (the free luggage rule is only if you buy a regular pass).