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Opera Dress

We will be in Prague in late April and have tickets for the Estates Theatre and Smetana Hall. What is the dress for an evening performance? We are midd;e aged. Do men need to wear a suit? Ladies a dress and dressy shoes? Would we stand out in more casual clothes? Thanks -

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I'll be attending an opera at the Estates in May so I read some reviews on Trip Advisor and the consensus is that dressing up is not required; however, since I like to wear a dress when I attend the opera in San Francisco I think I'll feel best wearing one in Prague, too. I have a lightweight black jersey knee-length 3/4 sleeve dress that travels wonderfully and will look great with a scarf, lacy tights and my versatile Fluevog boots.

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I wouldn't bring a special pair of shoes if you'll only use them for this occasion (e.g., no high heels). Ladies do have some comfort shoe options that can pass as dressy, such as a sandal or something with shine, sparkle, or color. I wore my Teva sport sandals to the ballet in Paris once, with a knit dress, and probably did get some funny looks, but survived to tell about it.

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I've only been there once so I am no authority. But we have been to a half dozen similar venues in Central and Eastern Europe as well so I sort of have an opinion .. but not a popular one. The Estates Theater draws a lot of tourists (mostly tourists) and so the formality of the evening has been corrupted more than a venue like the Hungarian State Opera. But, if it were me, I would still wear a sports coat at a minimum. I have one of those wrinkle proof numbers that thanks to the pockets is my version of a travel vest so its no big deal to have with me; despite traveling with nothing but carry on luggage. I do wear decent shoes too - sorry Laura.

At the Hungarian State Opera I would wear a tie and dark slacks too. Are there people there dressed like tourists? Sure, all the time. Tennis shoes and hiking boots and all. I feel so sorry for the Hungarian pensioner couple who dug out their best outfit, that even though it looked like they purchased them in 1968 complete with dead fox over the shoulder, they wear with pride. Its their big night and I don't want to spoil it a bit.

Two suggestions. If you want to go laid back, buy the cheap seats with the majority of the other laid back tourists, or go to an afternoon performance. You might also go to Google Images and look for interior shots of the venues you are going to. Look for how the people are dressed and then try and fit in. Here is the Estates Theater: