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non-touristy restaurants in Cesky Krumlov?

I will be in Cesky Krumlov this weekend - and i am looking for places to eat

Usually, i try to find local food blogs - or get recommendations - and of course use tripadvisor

But as CK is so small, I have found that tripadvisor makes it harder - not easier - to find a good place to eat.


I find find if a lot of tourists visit a restaurant > prices rise > quality drops.

They know people usually don't come back and you can get away with reheared microwave food. Of course this is an extreme case - but you get what I mean

Do you know of places that are not completly overrun - the type of food does not really matter and Obviously i am also prepared to walk a little longer to get to the place

I would appreciate your input

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Agree with Uncle Gus on this. CK is one of the most touristy places we've ever visited and if there is a restaurant not overrun with them, we did not find it. I wasn't impressed with any of the places where we ate.

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Having recently spent a week in Krumlov, we did find some rather nice places to eat.

Depo is quite nice up at the top of the town. It's got quite an industrial chic vibe. The food is quite good, and they have lunchtime daily specials. (They are advertised in Czech only, so ask someone to translate for you.) Alternatively, Na Louži is quite nice, for something a little more traditional - it's more of a pub that does food. It's down near the Egan Schiele house. If you'd prefer something more exotic, there is also good Indian food available at Nirvana, a rather charming Indian restaurant.

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As others say - restaurants in the old towns are for tourists, practically no locals live there any more. Go to restaurants outside of the old town - where locals live. They usually cook better because they have to rely on customers who would return.