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No Seat numbers for tickets purchased on Ceske Drahy for Salzburg to Prague

Friends :

I have three tickets purchased for
13-Sept-2023, going from Salzburg Hbf to Praha hl.n for me, my wife, my daughter.

This requires travel on three trains (two train changes) :
1) Salzburg Hbf - Linz Hbf : rj 743
2) Linz Hbf - Ceske Budejovice : Sp 3806
3) Ceske Budejovice - Praha hl.n L R 700

I have ticket information on my phone (also have a printout) - But I don't see seat information for
either of the legs ? This makes me nervous .. any feedback on what do I do here ?

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Well, regarding the first leg on Railjet, seat reservations are not required. You have to pay extra for them at about 5 EUR per seat. Otherwise you just board the train and pick a seat. If it is already reserved, I believe there is an electronic indicator showing that.

The 2nd leg looks like a regional train with no seat reservations available.

The 3rd leg also is a regional train. It does have parent-child compartments. I don't know how old your daughter is.